Random Internet Weirdos

We are all familiar with the concept of strangers on the net, right?

If you have been on any social media site or even just read an online article and slipped onto the comments, chances are you have come across a complainer, a trouble maker or a down right nut bag straight out of their mother’s basement.

I spend a majority of my time online because that has become a big part of an author’s life nowadays and it helps spread awareness of the RAGDOLLS UK FOUNDATION. In doing this I have been in contact with some of the strangest of people. I’m not here to name and shame but – and that’s a big but – I will tell you some of the nonsense that has come my way.

The first one that comes to mind is a random stranger who contacted me via FACEBOOK MESSENGER asking me to be their mistress. Now I have never spoken to this person before in my life but I’m going to guess that they assume because of my generally gothy nature that I am into that sort of thing. Whether I am or not is irrelevant. When this amorous gentlemen was blocked he started following all twitter, facebook and whatever else feeds. My block button was almost broken that day let me tell you.

Another absolute cracker (to use a Scots turn of phrase) was an individual who decided that I was evil because I write thriller and must have evil thoughts. No honey, I just happen to write about the darker side of the human experience because believe it or not some of the most horrifying themes I have used (rape, murder, human trafficking etc.) do occur in the real world. I just exaggerate most of it for dramatic affect. I like to shock my readers, I like to unsettle them. Now that I think about it maybe I am a little evil after all …


Anyway, the net is full of the craziest people. You just have to look at the comments section on any online forum and in between someone clearly missing the point and someone else trying to sell viagra you have the cry someone who has completely lost the plot.

The internet can be an amazing place of connection, learning and expression but on the flip side it is also a place where people think a screen keeps them protected and gives licence to say some of the things that really should stay buried deep and never uttered out loud. But hey, can’t complain, it does give us writers plenty of material to work with.

Vivika Widow is author of best selling author of the KNOCK KNOCK graphic novel series and other Shady City Thrillers.

Her latest novel, MUSE, is available now for just 99p to download or free on KINDLE UNLIMITED.

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