Purple Ribbon

“How far must a man fall before the climb back up becomes too steep?”

Coming 2021

Coming 2021, from the Author of MAESTRO ; MUSE and HARBOUR HOUSE , step outside the Knock Knock club and head on over to Hathfield Bay Island for a nail biting, knuckle whiting , full in your face exciting glimpse into the lowest depths of humanity. ​

Faith Abandoned

Feeling abandoned, Dominick has nowhere to turn but to his faith. What do we have if not faith. A little faith can burn down whole cities.

The Patron Saint of Sinners

You cannot be saved but accept his embrace and you may be forgiven. Upon the bones, teeth and ashes of the non-believers was built the first church of St Wigan.

Salvation is nigh

We’ve all fallen into holes throughout our lives but do we have the strength pull ourselves out of it? Find out May 14th as the Shady City is swept into the arms of a cult.

#amreading a #thriller by @VivikaWidow

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