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When nineteen year old Dorian McElroy went to college, he left his old life and his mother behind. At first there were frequent phone calls. The phone calls became monthly letters. Eventually all contact was lost.

Jessica’s mild mannered world is torn apart when she receives word from the university that Dorian has taken his own life. Now she must abandon the safety of her home and venture out in search of information on Dorian’s last days, the people he met and why he made such a tragic decision.


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The mind of an author can be strange place, escpecially when building a story from the mind of a crazed killer.

Here’s a little look at the early thinking behind thriller Maestro!

maestro planning promo

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My friends and family tell me I’m a clumsy girl.

“Who me?” I reply. “Surely not.”

After today I don’t think I can deny it.

I have a bucket where all my spare change goes. I decided that today would be the day I would take it and deposit it in the bank. I take my coins to the machine, drop them all in and enjoy the rattling sound as they tumble down into places unknown.

“That machine is only for notes!” called the bank teller.


A group of disgruntled patrons behind me groan as the machine is put out of service whilst my coins are pulled out.

You might think that is enough to be considered clumsy but unfortunately for me it didn’t end there.

Most weekday afternoons I spend an hour at the local swimming pool. After walking away red faced from the bank I felt I had to cool off.

All geared up with goggles, swim cap – the whole works – I’m ready. Leap, splash, swim. I’m tearing through the water like an Olympian. (That’s at least what I like to think). I’m concentrating hard on speed, agility… WHAM! I crash head first into an elderly gentleman practising the back stroke. OUCH.

Apologies shared. No harm done but I decide to leave the pool before I pose more threat to myself or others.

Clumsy yes. A little dangerous? Most likely.

I’ll grab a quick lunch. There can be no harm in that right? Wrong!

I have recently become addicted to cheese and pickle sandwiches. My eyes become bulbous when I notice there is only one left. Like Gollum with his precious jewellery I snatch it up.

I find a table in a corner where I can contemplate the day, reply to emails and do all the usual things adulting involves. I take one bite into my sandwich. An eruption of pickle scoots across the table almost hitting the nice lady across from me and the cover of the miraculously clean book she is reading.

I’ll get you some napkins,” the polite barista offers.

I think a full bib would be more appropriate with this mess. I can’t stop now. I purchased the sandwich. It would almost be a crime not to eat it. A lunch time later and I am covered in so many pickle stains I look like I’m wearing leopard print.

So with a lump on my head, stained clothes and a ban from my local bank for wrecking the machine I think it’s best to head homewards. That would be a great idea, If only I could find my bus pass…

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Being a writer can be a dream come true for most people. For many it can also be a nightmare. The very nature of the craft means that we are baring ourselves to public scrutiny and it won’t always be good. For some, this just comes as part of what to expect. However, it worries me that there are up and coming authors who have exciting, vibrant and much loved stories but the badgering they receive before they have even left the ground has put them off. There is nothing more tragic than a story that will never be told.

It does take a very thick skin to succeed as a writer but what chance do up and coming authors have when they are shot down at first attempt? All I can say to my fellow writers who are starting out is don’t give up. Don’t let the negativity of others stop you. There will be readers who don’t like your book – that is unfortunate but all art forms are subjective. There will always be people who are just deliberately going out their way to be mean. The new digital age seems to have given them a platform to vent their poison to a wider audience. It is easier said than done but ignore them and let your writing speak for itself.

It’s a very true statement that an author can have one hundred great reviews but it is that one nasty one that will resonate with them. It is also true that people are more likely to be spurred into action (in this case writing a review) if they are feeling bad about it. How can you combat that? Trust in your own skill. Trust that you have written the book that you wanted to write. The rest will fall into place.

One thing that is also very upsetting to see is that authors (of various levels) are putting other authors down. The life is hard and alienating enough without us turning on each other. Why do that? Jealousy is the easy conclusion. They don’t like that someone else has written a book. There is no need to be jealous. The world is such a big place. There are so many different stories to tell and different ways of telling it. There is plenty of room in this world for all of us.

Support your authors. We are a large community but if you embrace it I’m sure you will see we are also a very loving one.


Call it writer’s fatigue, call it brain melt. This week I have been circling around the ending to My Silly Little Confessions but to no avail.

Take a step back,” some suggested.

This is very sound advice but when you are already running over your time for rewrites it tends to make this little author nervous.

It’s not all gloom and doom though. I received a huge shot of motivation in the form of an exciting new piece of cover art. Nothing is more thrilling for an author than seeing their writing come to life in the form of images and what an image it is!

Simple, yet effective like most of the cover art that has been supplied to my books from the talent at Torrance Media. I was like a kid at Christmas when I opened my email to find a new one in my inbox titled, ‘NEW COVER ART’. Opening up and downloading the image was akin to ripping off the shining wrapping paper. With the new image in hand (and screen saver changed) it was time to get back to it.

Every author has their own methods. You can teach someone the basics of how to write a book but finding their own system. Creativity is fluid in nature and it can fill containers of all different shapes and sizes. I myself prefer to write late at night when my little household is asleep. It’s my chance to concentrate with less chance of being disturbed by a ringing telephone or the arrival of new emails. Dark, silent and with only the glow of the computer screen to guide me I immerse myself in the story. A quiet little cafe works equally as well. It has been the natural habitat of an author for decades.

So there are two months to go! I am nervous and excited in equal measure for My Silly Little Confessions to hit the shelves.

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I get asked quite a lot what inspires a new story. The simple answer is everything. It can come from the events in my life, something profoundly innocent that my nieces or nephews have said to me right down to watching how people interact with each other. Something as simple as becoming frustrated in the supermarket can make way for an intricate plot where war is being waged. Arriving in the beautiful but grey city of Aberdeen as a young, naive, seventeen year old student  was the inspiration for Helena’s arrival in Navaria (Red Snow). My imagination has always been vivid and it has allowed me to see the world in a unique way.

As far as ‘My Silly Little Confessions’ is concerned, it comes primarily from the short story, ‘Confessions of an Anatomist’ which featured in ‘Myths and Tales’ Volume 1. The inspiration for this is my days as an anatomy student. (A great exaggeration of this of course!).

So far the first five chapters have been drafted. They are still to go through a lot of the creative process to get them in the best form they can be but for the most part the story is coming together. So begins the real uphill climb to publication. I have spent a lot of the past few years writing short stories (Rogue Battalion, Dust and Devotion, Myths and Tales, The Grip) but it always a delight to work on a full novel because that is when you really get the chance to delve into characters, what makes them tick and how this effects the plot.

Each author has their own style and way of adapting but for me the early stages are spent taking notes on the characters, their interactions and bringing the skeleton of the story together. That’s when the body count tends start mounting up!

To all the aspiring authors out there, just remember that there are no set rules for these things (grammar, punctuation etc. aside). Readers feed on your own enthusiasm so write the book you would want to read. In the meantime, the January launch date will soon be upon me so time to start working on chapters 1 – 10. Wish me luck…

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mslc blurb announcement


It’s been a very exciting project to work on so far.

Still early days in the creative process but I’m pleased to see it coming together.

The plot follows on from ‘Confessions of an Anatomist’ which featured in ‘Myths and Tales’ volume 1 but it is a book of its own.

My Silly Little Confessions is a full novel which will be available in January. It promises to offer a tone never seen before in any of my books. Grittier than Maestro and more real than Red Snow this novel promises black comedy, thrilling plots and a whole lot of murderous intent…

Can’t wait until January? Check out ‘Confessions of an Anatomist’ in Myths and Tales Volume 1 HERE

mslc blurb announcement