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We are so pleased to present a painting of King Henry of Ravensedge. Thank you for the submission. We think His Majesty would approve of his portrait showing him gallant upon his horse ready for any challenge.

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Henry is not of royal blood. Only a black magic could secure his throne. To check out Vivika Widow’s MYTHS AND TALES for the full story click HERE .

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The world is a stage they say and there is nowhere quite like the theatre. When you step into that building you know there is a whole world of possibilities ready to unfold before you. The light on that empty state, ready and waiting for its eager audience.


I am so excited to share with you that one of my own tales will be getting the stage play treatment!

THE GIFT first appeared as a short story in the MYTHS AND TALES COLLECTION (2014). It tells the story of an old man named fletcher who accepting his end is near wishes to leave his wealth to a worthy cause so that his legacy of generosity will live on long after he is gone.

As he lives out his final days he meets a struggling author named Nathaniel. Fletcher is touched by Nathaniel’s story and his kind spirit so decides on Nathaniel being the one he would like to support. Fletcher’s family worry that he Nathaniel isn’t all that he seems. We are all equal when we knock on Death’s door. It is up to us what impression we wish to leave behind.

I was overwhelmed by the amazing reception this story received. It means a lot to me that it would speak to so many people. It will be coming to a stage near you in 2018 in support of Ragdolls UK (Reg: SCO43805).

Check back here for announcements and I’ll see you at the theatre!

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I’m the girl who wears star wars T shirts, collects movie memorabilia and has more comic books than I care to mention. I think it is fair to say that I am a geek girl. It’s something I am never going to grow out of and given that it has brought so much joy to my life I don’t really see why it should.

I was going through one of the most difficult periods of my life so far and late one night whilst the rest of the household slept I sought some solitude in television. Star Trek TOS happened to be on. I found so much comfort in the whining and beeping noises, the soothing sixties colouring and the escapism of the whole other world. I was hooked. There was plenty Sci Fi shows I enjoyed before then and plenty more since but for me it pin points a particular reason why I love indulging in collecting and discussing so much.

It is for this reason when I was told that my MYTHS AND TALES collection was being brought to the convention circuit I couldn’t contain my excitement. Not only does it give me the opportunity to see all the amazing things conventions has to offer it also honours me with the opportunity to be part of it all.

Details will be announced soon but for now I can’t wait to bring the quirky, sometimes nasty, often enjoyable MYTHS AND TALES to my fellows in the geek world.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

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We are pleased to present the cover art for novels, short stories and graphic novels from Vivika Widow.

Presented by Torrance Media and designed by Leo ST Paul.

Take your pick of thrillers, adventures, black comedy and fantasies.

Which is your favourite? Comment below and let us know.

Sales from all Vivika Widow work supports Ragdolls UK (charity reg SC043805)


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COMING SOON from Torrance Media: The Myths and Tales web series!



Main character Dorian was named after ‘Dorian Gray’ from Oscor Wilde’s ‘Picture of Dorian Gray’. Incidentally the short story also features a Professor Wilde.


Vivika believes in the importance of discussing mental health issues and opening up discussion about depression. Exploring this the reader is lead to wonder what may have happened if Dorian were to talk to his loving mother about the issues he was facing.


Throughout the story Dorian is plagued by demons. His depression and his guilt has manifested itself into a form he recognises.


Dorian’s room mate, Kelsey, is a medical student. It is mentioned that he borrowed an anatomy text book from one of his fellow medics. This fellow medic who climbed to a B grade in a relatively short space of time is Tracey Campbell who features in the Confessions series. (Confessions of an Anatomist, My Silly Little Confessions). The same university was also attended by Vincent Baines and Daniel Weir (Maestro).


Some say Jessica should not have allowed herself to lose contact with her son. If she hadn’t tragedy may have been avoided. Others feel that Dorian’s interfering friend Juliet is responsible and there are some who believe that Dorian alone should have reached out for help.


Like many Vivika Widow novel, ‘The Grip’ was completely hand written prior to being published.


The title comes from the depression that has gripped Dorian so tightly he is unable to shake it off.


Dorian’s girlfriend, Juliet, is a cousin of Daniel Weir (Maestro)


The bus trip that Jessica takes to the university after receiving the tragic news is the same bus trip Catherine Beckingridge makes from her boarding school (Maestro). In Maestro, Catherine takes note of a distressed woman travelling alone who has tragedy written on her face.


‘The Grip’ is short listed for the Costa Coffee short story award!

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‘We weren’t like that’ is something I’m sure every generation grumbles about the one coming after them. I hear my fellow generation Xers despair about the millennials and how disconnected they are from the world. If it is true what we read we can assume them to be whiny, incapable of looking after themselves and completely unprepared for the harsh realities of life. If could be just that I’m on the wrong side of thirty and my fellows like to have something to moan about. The fashions, the television shows and the obsession with Ed Sheeran (as good a musician as I’m sure he is) are all strange to the genX. Then again, the Spice Girls, gladiators and skousers (skirt trousers) certainly raised a few eyebrows in the 90s and early noughties so who are we to judge?

Is it just a generational thing or is there a lack of understanding in the millennials? I don’t think so.

The millennials get a lot of stick in the media but I for one can see the amazing changes they are bringing to the world. My eldest niece (a millennial) defies what the media has to say about her generation. She is a confident, well educated and independent young woman who has just started her own business and is thriving. Like many of her peers she is ready to take the world on.

Despite the man buns and snap chat second life our millennials are up and coming and sure to do great things for our world. They will always fight for social justice. They work hard despite educations costs rising and getting on the property ladder is more difficult. So to you millennials, your ways seem strange to us but you will change the world for the better. Your contributions are invaluable.

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When nineteen year old Dorian McElroy went to college, he left his old life and his mother behind. At first there were frequent phone calls. The phone calls became monthly letters. Eventually all contact was lost.

Jessica’s mild mannered world is torn apart when she receives word from the university that Dorian has taken his own life. Now she must abandon the safety of her home and venture out in search of information on Dorian’s last days, the people he met and why he made such a tragic decision.


Vivika Widow’s short story thriller is available to download for just 99p!

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