Shady Characters

“The Shady City would present to me some of the most shadiest characters I would ever have the misfortune to meet.”

Our Faithful Narrator

Character Profile: Sam Crusow

Of all the stories Sam has chased, none compared to when he was led to the KNOCK KNOCK CLUB in search of the missing Mayor. That was when the true dirty face of the city began to reveal itself.

Three reporters. How many will survive chasing stories in the Shady City.

The Knock Knock Club

Macks bring the booze. The Knock Knock club bring the talent.

Character Profile: Tabitha

She’s a Mean Queen and not easy to take down. Her well manicured nails are firmly dug into the Shady City.

Character Profile: Dennis Platt

He had a great life. What could possibly have caused a respected man about town to give it all up manage the seediest club in town.

Knock Knock Boss Lady, Tabitha, poses with her aunts – The Baroness and the Broker.

The Penns

Reginald Penn with his triplet sons.

Character Profile: Reginald Penn

Reginald pays no mind to the law when it comes to protecting his friends and family. They call him the King of City Main. He’s a noble king but not one to be threatened.

Character Profile: Marcus Penn

Marcus is a no nonsense man who knows just what it takes to get a job done. He is fully acquainted with the darker side of the Shady City.

Character Profile: Simon ‘Punchline’ Penn

A champion boxer, Simon is passionate about keeping in the best shape he can be. But don’t let that fool you, he also has great head for numbers and is the accounts keeper for the AUCTION HOUSE.

Marcus Penn and his triplet brothers.

The Macks

The Mack Distillery, located on Love Street in Bellfield.

Character Profile: Kieran Mack

The Mack and Sons form such a tight unit because of their loyalty to each other. Kieran may be the first to cause a headache for them but he is also the first there on hand to help when trouble arrives on Love Street.

Character Profile: Paddy (Patrick) Mack

Although, Paddy is attempting to bring the Macks into a more peaceful era things in Shady City won’t improve unless he is willing to show a little strength through violence.

Paddy Mack is given an ultimatum.

The Owens

Son and heir Bernard ‘Buddy’ Owen interrupts his shenanigans to accept a call from his father, The Cappy.

Character Profile: Bernard ‘Buddy’ Owen

Having come to the city from the Great States Buddy is a big shark in a pond of minnows. With the whole world at his feet and a powerful family driving him forward Buddy seems a force to be reckoned with.

Character Profile: William ‘Billy’ Owen

Billy is from the broken branch of the Owen family tree so when there are things to mend he’s the best man to call. Just remember folks, an Owen never misses a target and Billy has set his sights on The Shady City.

Character Profile: Jerry Owen

If not the shadiest character in the Shady he’s most definitely top three. Father Jerry Owen is a legend for all the wrong reasons.

Owen spokesman, Ronnie, delivers to the press.

Bros for Life!

Kappa So means brothers for life.

Character profile: Chad Perry

What will become of Chad Perry? Who knows? But no matter what happens it is almost a certainty his Kappa So bros will be there right along with him.

Character Profile: Dale Cooper

As far as the Kappa So brothers are concerned Cooper is considered the level head. That doesn’t say much for them or bode well for any who come up against them

Character Profile: Brady

Brady’s natural preppiness and zeal for life can be infectious. He has a natural head for mischief which can be a power used for good or for evil. Mostly it’s just used for mischief for mischief’s sake.

The Harvesters

Fresh family produce delivered all over the city.

Character Profile: Glenn

A simple man. With providing for his family his only goal his strength and obedience are perfect prey for an opportunist.

Character Profile: Curtis

Brought onto Harvester Farm as part of a steps to work program, Curtis’ new job at Harbour House could see him back in the prison.

Character Profile: Dr G Winslow

Winslow has touched so many lives. From the simple farm girl who he has complete control over to a down on his luck artist. Winslow connects the two and as their stories collide, as artist and muse, a horrifying truth will be revealed as they desperately try to break free.

5:02 is the slaughter time on Harvester farm.

The Beckingridge Family

Elizabeth seeks a tutor in the hopes music lessons will give her nephew something positive to focus on.

Character profile: George Beckingridge

He has a psychopathic nature with a wealth and family name behind him that would have him see no consequences. George is a dangerous presence among polite society.

The Heaths are Flying High at the Beckingridge firm

The Weirs

Weir Hotel: Shady City Suites

Character Profile: Daniel Weir

Daniel learned the hard way that trust and kindness only get you so far when the policy of your family hotel is that once the reservations are made you pay no mind to what goes on behind the closed doors.

Character Profile – Rodney Weir

With the Weir name being lower on the Coldford food chain than the likes of the Penn, Beckingridge and Owen families, Rodney considers him adept at massaging all the right egos.

The Doyles

THE JUDGE (Karyn Doyle)

Justice may be blind in one eye but it can sniff bull shit easily. She is feared and with good reason. When it comes to deciding between right and wrong she is the Judge.

Character Profile: Laura Doyle

After a disastrous relationship with artist, DAVID FINN, Laura continued to live her life as she wanted it. Penniless, drug addled and completely free of the Doyle name.

The Good Gang aka The Hickes Agency

Character Profile: Olivia (Platt) Hickes

Olivia is kind hearted but stubborn natured. She opened her home to troubled young girls. Little did she know she was exposing them and her family to threat she hadn’t realised had gotten so close.

Character Profile: Lydia Lowe

Lydia has her reasons for being in the Knock Knock club and it’s more than just a job to her. It is the ideal place to observe, to learn and to build a case. In order to do that she has to keep her head down, do her job and keep her feet firm when…

The Church of St Wigan

Character Profile: Bartholomew ‘Bart’ Riggs

Bart is a dedicated member of the Church of St Wigan. As such he has taken part in stoning heathens to death, drowning those who turned their back on the church and with a wrestling grip heaved those from the cliffs who may have brought harm to their island.

The Unfortunates

Character Profile: David Finn

His reputation spread but his focus became lost. The art was still speaking to him but the words started to echo the negativity he was trying to bury.

Character Profile: Nathan Watt

From a family of well respected doctors and medical providers, Nathan has grown up with expectations. He knows the expectations thrust upon him and he’s well aware of what he can expect from others. He’s smart, considers himself charming, so he should have the best in life, right?

Daniel Weir and Vincent Baines made for unfortunate lovers.

Making the Headlines:

Reporters Sam and Madeline prepare to tackle their first stories.

Character Profile: Joshua Coby

Joshua was present when the FREE FALL massacre occurred. His life was luckily spared and his details on the event were found to be a little sketchy.

Character profile: Andre Luis

From the town of Luen, Andre Luis is an outsider to the Shady City but bringing his own penchant for villainy he fits right in.

The Mayor of the city finds himself in trouble with the Knock Knock Club.

The Bergmans

Character Profile: Sophie Bergman

Upholding the law in the Shady City is a tough job but Sophie isn’t shy of it. She was just a little girl when the bombs began to fall on Levinkrantz. She escaped a war zone. She has little fear.

Character Profile: Seth Bergman

His pacifistic father has raised him to stay clear of the corruption and violence that is common in the Shady City but as things close in on them Seth believes they can’t avoid it forever.

Character profile: Howard Bergman

Having arrived in Coldford as a child refugee of the Levinkrantz Blitz, Howard is a well known pacifist. He has successfully managed to avoid the violence of the Shady City keeping his family safe. As tensions rise how long will he be able to remain quietly in the background?

The Inmates and Staff of The Boss

Inmate 2011: Jake Fullerton

Charged with aggravated assault jake has two years to serve (at least) so he had best knuckle under and keep that temper in check if he ever wants to leave again.

Inmate 0902: Lucca Markov

They call him ‘Lucky Lucca’ and he’s been in all the big magazines. When his sweet existence started to fall apart suddenly things didn’t seem so pretty. Now he’s Inmate 0902 of Coldford Correctional.

Inmate 1708: Matthew Lane

Quiet, polite and agreeable, Matty never poses any trouble for the guards of Coldford Correctional. He is always where he needs to be and when. Not that he has much choice in that matter. He is a nice guy. Murder of his wife aside of course.

Inmate 1204: Wayne Grundy

They call him the Bamber Bear killer and he is caged in Coldford Correctional for the massacre that happened at the restaurant for little tykes. He maintains that he is innocent. Is anyone really innocent behind the walls of The Boss?

The Fullertons

The Stokers

Character Profile: Irvine Stoker

Irvine is a lively man who through his vibrant persona and tall, insectile physicality cuts a memorable figure. He is the ringmaster of the Stoker Circus and as such he resides in the striped Big Top. People don’t come to the circus like they used to so Irvine has many nefarious deals going which include…

The Chamberlains

The Lawmakers

Coldford City High Court. Located in City Main

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