Jamestown Rovers: We are the Clubby

Stadium: Douglas Park

Sponsors: Crusow Autos

Priding themselves on a small community spirit, Jamestown will never forget their roots. They may often find themselves fighting relegation at the bottom of the NPL but they don’t let that dissuade them. Fans of Jamestown are not in it for the glory of trophies. They generally believe in the local struggles and supporting one another no matter how difficult it gets.


A small suburb of Coldford, Jamestown manage to keep themselves free from the drama of the big city until they are brought into the thick of the action against a rivalling, richer team like Coldford City or even Athletic.

Our Shady City Thriller’s most notable fan of Jamestown is our reporter, Sam Crusow. His father’s garage sponsors the team and it is where Sam learned the importance of people coming together. Going to the games as a boy is one of Sam’s fondest memories and it was over this mutual love of the sport that he and his father Samuel (or Sam Snr) bonded most.


Unfortunately as the big city threatens to swallow up their little suburb they can’t hide forever. It will be up to the likes of Sam to expose the truth for the good of the people and even the villains of Coldford are no match for such an strong spirit.

See Sam in action as a reporter in the hit Knock Knock graphic novel series.

Volume 1 is free to read here at Vivika Widow Online or you can download for kindle by clicking HERE.

KNOCK, KNOCK: Episode 1: Welcome to the Club

Knock, Knock: Episode 2: Don’t Come Knockin’

Knock, Knock: Episode 3: Sleep Tight Sam

Knock, Knock: Episode 4: Take A Bow

Knock, Knock: Episode 5: A Room With A View

Knock, Knock: Episode 6: Picking Up Strange Women

Knock, Knock: Episode 7: No Kids Allowed

Knock, Knock: Episode 8: Kids These Days

Knock, Knock: Episode 9: Shootin’ The Breeze

Knock, Knock: Episode 10: Calling Last Orders




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