Character Profile: Sam Crusow

“And I had to ask, what had I gotten myself into?”

Name: Sam Crusow

Age: 36

Occupation: Reporter

Sam was never shy of a story. A hard hitting reporter with a good heart he is always trying to get to the truth of the matter. The trouble is, in the Shady City that truth can be messy and digging around in the background of those in charge can lead to disaster.

He is honest to a fault and caring but when challenged he will stand up against even the most dangerous of villains. Sam is loved and hated in equal measure. Those who he has helped reveal the truth and those he has brought down with his journalism.

Nothing will stop Sam getting to the truth of the story. Even a night at the Knock Knock Club.

Originally from the Jamestown area – a quiet little suburb – he has adapted to life in Coldfold. His work for the COLDFORD DAILY was seeing him and his wife Theresa through the recession.

The story will be chased to some of the shadiest places in the Shady City.

He has chased the story on an explosion in the WEIR HOTEL, he has pushed CONFESSIONS KILLER Tracey Campbell for an interview and he was one of the first to report when Alice Beckingridge of the BECKINGRIDGE FINANCIAL FIRM was accused of murder. Of all these stories none compared to when he was led to the KNOCK KNOCK CLUB in search of the missing Mayor. That was when the true dirty face of the city began to reveal itself.

It’s not easy being a reporter in a city that is tearing itself apart from within. Sam is learning that the hard way.

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