Character Profile: Kim Adams

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK

Age: 37

Occupation: International Agent

Kim is the daughter of famous boxer SONNY ADAMS better known as the BOURNTON BLIZZARD. Born in the northern town of BOURNTON, Kim was raised in the Mid East area of Cardyne but she never lost that northern spirit. Her father taught her strength, resilience and fair play for the BLIZZARD was nothing if not an ethical boxer.

Her father’s career was ended after a match up with SIMON PENN which led to disaster in the ring but rather than vengeance driving what she does she seeks to do what her father started and have the triplets against the ropes.

Her work is unique in the sense that she is out with the jurisdiction of the LAW MAKERS of the Shady City. This gives her a chance to see things from an outside perspective as our reporter, SAM, continues on his story.

Although she hasn’t appeared in KNOCK KNOCK yet she is set to make an impact in volume 2 because her agency have been building their case and their sights are set on the BOSS LADY of the club.

Complete season 1 of the Knock Knock graphic novel series is free to read HERE.

Or click HERE to download for Kindle.


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