We are so pleased to present a painting of King Henry of Ravensedge. Thank you for the submission. We think His Majesty would approve of his portrait showing him gallant upon his horse ready for any challenge.

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Henry is not of royal blood. Only a black magic could secure his throne. To check out Vivika Widow’s MYTHS AND TALES for the full story click HERE .

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55 days to go; the countdown is on!

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Maestro

Vincent Baines (maestro)

Over 9000 likes!!!!

Conflict of the Throne creators Leo St Paul and Vivika Widow celebrate 9000 likes on Facebook by sampling first sample of the front cover for the first novel in the Conflict of the Throne series.


Good evening my darlings. Whilst you browse we thought we would delight you with a hand drawn image of Castle Kroestov of Red Snow infamy, submitted by a fan. Castle Kroestov is a dark place with horror buried deep within it. Dare you approach? Dare you knock on it’s door? Lurking behind isn’t the fairytale you would expect..