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KNOWLEDGE (An article taken from ‘Times Online Magazine 2008)

This week has been all about learning new things for me. Since childhood I have had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge which didn’t relent as I ventured into adulthood.

The world around us is an intriguing place. The wonders range from the sheer scale of the universe to the power of the tiniest micro organisms. The vast oceans that cover our planet are still in part a mystery to us. Billions of years have been spent building the earth to what it is today and yet like a shy maiden there are still parts of herself she still conceals from us. And why should she give us everything? The thankless overuse of her natural resources have left her tired and withered.

It is said that one day the sun will eventually exhaust all of it’s fuel. It will burn up, taking our beloved planet with it leaving nothing but a desolate wasteland much like Mars in its wake. Nothing will survive. Thankfully this is in billions of years but it does beg the question. What will happen afterwards? None of us will be around to witness this event but some primal part of us still can’t bear thinking of the earth no longer existing. Perhaps some other planet will be able to sustain life with the drastic change in temperature. Maybe another star will become the new sun. Maybe it is an end to it all … who knows?

What I do know is that knowledge and learning are  important. We must learn about how we function as humans both mentally and physically. We must know all we can about the environment around us so we may stop destroying it. We must learn about the universe so that perhaps one day we can answer the age old question… why are we here?

So my darlings if you find yourself with time on your hands pick up a book, learn a new skill because it is this quest for higher learning, the ability to comprehend things on that kind of level that unites us as a species the way nothing else can.