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Groups of the Conflict: Rogue Battalion

Leader: General Raphael Diorra

An exclusive group of the best soldiers that the United States had to offer. Rogue Battalion were known the world over. The distinctive cherub they bore on their shoulder was a recognised symbol of skill, intellect and strength of leadership. Rogue Battalion prided themselves on bringing peace to war zones and flushing out war profiteers.
General Raphael Diorra was revered and respected amongst the high ranking political and military figures. He was committed to his men and was often seen fighting shoulder to shoulder with them on the front line. His second in command, Linciu Habaru of the Fosgon Nation, followed him loyally.
On a day that not many thought they would ever see, Rogue Battalion were disbanded. After a mission to Minsk left only four remaining members alive, they separated and the cherub was concealed far from the public view.
As a new age dawns and the political landscape changes there may again come a day when Rogue Battalion are called back into action

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Groups of the Conflict: Kukri

Death Comes to Us All

As the Ojibwi Pioneer travelled the world seeking knowledge, the First Nations of Canada began to come together under one leader. Tamoda Faenan (Fa’nan).
Tamoda was a fierce warrior who bore a black feather. The black feather is one of the rarest of feathers and is given only to warriors who have faced death and returned.
For Tamoda, strength was prized above all, death was to be respected but never feared and the women who followed his lead were to revered as Goddesses for only they produced life.
The groups formed the Kukri tribe. The Kukri tribe was divided into eight houses which spread across Canada. The Raerra, the Faenan, the Laerra and the Haebra were the most dominant.
When Tamoda took his final walk into darkness the House of Faenan of which he was father fell into chaos. They fought amongst themselves as to who should lead. With a strong but loving paternal hand the House of Haebra took control of the Kukri and so it was through the generations.
It is said that each house of the Kukri holds a piece of the personality. The House of Haebra is regarded as the nobility of the Kurki. The house of Faenan its darker thoughts. It is written that both will come together in a mighty clash and the Kukri houses will split until a great light beckons them back together.

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