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Character Profile: Linciu ‘Blue Raven’ Habaru

Linciu Habaru
AGE: 38 –
NATION: Fosgon – full warrior.
WARRIOR NAME – ‘Blue Raven’

Son to Fosgon chief Tomatcu. During a depression on the Fosgon nation Linciu was approached by the US military. When Linciu first joined the marine core he faced massive racist attacks. On one occasion he was outnumbered by a group of fellow soldiers hell bent on running a what they referred to as a ‘shopper’ out of the core. The CCTV footage showed exactly why Linciu was regarded as one of the finest warriors of his nation. After hospitalising the group and walking away unharmed the footage was sent straight to Washington with a presidential stamp. Linciu was court marshalled and thrown in jail until a highly respected General by the name of Raphael Diorra requested that the warrior become part of the notorious Rogue Battalion. Under the watch of General Diorra, Linciu shot through the ranks to eventually becoming Commander of Rogue Battalion.
His fighting skills almost mirror Thai fighting with sharp reflexes and deadly moves to anyone who may oppose him.
He is a blue feather meaning ‘whisperer’. This displays his abilities to command numerous different species but most notably the raven. His enemies fear the sight of the raven believing that Linciu is stalking them. The most superstitious of enemies believe the raven carries the soul of the deadly warrior making him invincible.

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Conflict is about to erupt!


It’s a series that has been in the works for over a decade. I couldn’t be more excited to announce it is coming your way.

Set in the not so distant future, Conflict is a bold attempt to capture the global effect of war as seen from various angles, walks of life and cultures. It has been said that it the “political thrills are what captures the tension whilst the slight touches of science fiction offer a universe that is of epic proportions.”

But don’t just take my word for it or the words of the critics. Watch this space for updates, info and images from the highly anticipated graphic novel series, adapted from the award winning screenplay by Leo St Paul and my best selling novel ‘Fall of Freedom’.

With many sides to choose from, (each with their own heroes and villains) take your pick and prepare to battle.

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