Random Thoughts

“Words are powerful things. They can make, break and correct mistakes.”

The Deadly Sins

Is the fear of an almighty a good enough way to keep people following a code of morals?

Character Profile: Seth Bergman

His pacifistic father has raised him to stay clear of the corruption and violence that is common in the Shady City but as things close in on them Seth believes they can’t avoid it forever.

My hero

We all need some inspiration. We all need someone to look up to. What do we seek in our heroes?

Whatcha reading?

Had the chance to catch up on reading. Here are my favourite books. What’s yours?

Dinner for Four

It’s an age old question that seems to be important to a lot of people. You most likely would have been asked it in your life in some shape or form and that question is, ’if you were to invite anyone in the world (living or deceased) to a dinner party who would those guests be?’

Hell Awaits Our Unfortunate Inmates

Bring me that one and that one! He appears to be at a loss. You will all reminded I AM THE BOSS! Prison life in this instance is a descent into Hell.

Television and Cinema: The big vs small debate

When I was younger the big screen was held as the epitome of the entertainment industry. There were popular television shows but if you really wanted your name in lights the cinema and the great red carpet premieres were the ultimate goal. Is this something of a bygone era now?

Reasons to Smile

We can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed but sometimes the simple things are the ones to make us smile the most.

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