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The Boss Part 2 : Servitude (extract)

The Prayer Room is located in the Herod Halls of the castle, just off the overpass. It’s an original part of the building where St Wigan, when he was in residence, would lock himself away seemingly with no food or water for days. He emerged when God had delivered his message. Normally this meant someone was burned, hanged or buried alive in Gregor Court. God could be a nasty bastard if Noah Wigan was to be believed and Francesca Chamberlain made the perfect nasty vessel to operate through. However, that’s another grisly tale for another grisly day. For now, our story focuses on the Prayer Room in more recent times. The room has no plumbing. It doesn’t have a bowl or sink on offer. You eat and drink very little whilst you’re in there so you find yourself with little to excrete anyway.  

As the famed monk said, “God provides the nourishment.”  

He may have been able to get a fat soul with conversations with a figment in sky but for our inmates it drained what little will they had left. There are no windows.  You are completely engulfed in darkness. You are left alone with only time to think and to say your prayers.  

Jake tried to keep himself awake for as long as possible. He didn’t know how long he would be left to rot. He had no means of counting the hours. He could only try and keep himself awake for as long as possible – not that he would find much of a cosy bed. It was a moss covered, granite floor. In fact, the dampness within the Prayer Room really attacked the lungs. It was common in the prison to hear the cough of an inmate that had spent some time in solitary.  

Jake had to keep himself awake. He wanted to stay alert should some of the ghoul guards come for him. That was what the inmates were calling the guards who lost their minds. Jake didn’t pray. He never was the praying sort but the voice inside his head was ringing loud. He tried to keep it ringing as his eyes started to feel heavy. He was slumped on the floor. His issue trousers were damp from the moss. He was in the most discomfort he had ever felt but he couldn’t resist sleep. Those Beta brain waves were crying out to him.  

“Come on, Jakey. Just close your eyes. Sleep it away. Sleep. Sleep …”  

He was jerked awake by a sharp pain. Something had bitten him. He could hear a squeak and a draw of a long, worm-like tail across his hand. He pulled it away and as he did so he caught the feel of matted fur.  

“Fucking rat,” he grumbled to himself.  

There was another sharp bite on his lower leg where the trousers of his kit had slipped up. There was another one there. He could hear the hungry rodents squeak at each other. Then there was another bite at his hand. This one was harder than the others. The broken rat teeth must have pierced skin.  

Jake tried to kick his leg out to make them scurry away but they were brave and they were hungry so they took another bite. One ran across his chest, the worm tail drawing underneath his chin. Jake was on his feet by then trying to shake them off. They finally did scurry away when the doorway was opened.  

“2011?” The voice of the warden came through the dark. “What’s the story?”  

“My daughter,” Jake began. His voice sounded hoarse having not spoken in some time. “My sisters. My cousin.”  

“I’m sorry about your family,” Remar told him sincerely.  

He had put in a call to Fullerton Villa to find out what he could. 

“Lucy’s with her mum, from what I’m told,” Remar said. “She’ll be fine. Lionel received a shot to his shoulder and to chest but from what i hear he’ll be fine.  I’ll let you have a call and catch up a little later but if you get out of here you don’t bring me any trouble are we understood?”  

Jake nodded. He cleared his throat. “Of course.”  

Cerberus held 2011 in his searching gaze. There was something going wrong with the guards and he needed people among the inmates he could rely on should the worst happen. 

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The Prayer Room

It’s damp and it’s cold.

It was a dungeon of old.

Many men have wept on Her floors, even the bold.

When the door closes you are absorbed in the dark.

At least you’ll no longer hear the dog’s bark.

You are all alone with only the company of rats.

Spending your time pondering over this or that.

It’s too late now for any sorrowful regret.

Your time has come. It’s all been set.

What you deserve is what you’ll get.

Just pray it’s not yet.

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Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Some lives are lived to excess. Some lives are lived well. Some lives are zapped right out of the good for nothing so and so which brings me back to the most shocking resident of this castle. Buzzkill is the end of the line for most of our inmates. His strap-like tentacles are one size fits all. When his three sister switches – past, present and future – are flicked, and Buzzkill begins to shake the life from his prey it causes the lights to flicker deep down here in the lowest depths right up to the dizzying heights.  

They say Buzzkill is humane. I ask you, would you find it humane to park your rear in his grasp? As his long arms tighten around you I defy anyone to think to themselves, ‘what a delightful way to go.’ 

As guards lead in Buzzkill’s next meal, inmate 2000 (incidentally the amount of voltz he’s about have fired through him) we can see from the expression on his face he’s not feeling like it’s all very humane.  .  

His name was Elder McEery on the outside. He was raised on Hathfield Bay island. He spent his time frolicking in the sands, playing in the sea and bashing the heads of tourists in on behalf of the Church of St Wigan. They were vengeful types and not the hippy, loving, religious sorts they would seem. St Wigan was all about the righteousness and he had Elder believe he was just in dispatching heathens. The High Court of Coldford strongly disagreed. Death was his sentence and a seat on Buzzkill’s lap was the method.  

“Do you have anything you wish to say before sentence is carried out?” Inmate 2000 was asked.  

Elder sniffed. He would swear he could already feel the electricity firing through his body. The switches hadn’t been pulled yet. It was just the ice cold shards of nerves.  

Looking upon Buzzkill’s layer is the viewing room separated by a thick glass partition which Christie and her grief counsellors gathered behind earlier in our tale. Some gather there to bear witness to the end of someone who did them wrong. Others might want to be the last thing the victim sees before that almighty bolt is thrown at them.  

The viewing room is rather empty and somber for Elder. There is a woman dressed in modest clothes. She isn’t looking at him. She has her eyes closed. She is praying, clutching a purple ribbon in her hand. A filthy braid with more ribbons tangled in it flows down her back. There is another man there too. He’s a peculiar looking fellow who seems to have a mischievous grin about him even though he isn’t smiling. Mr Kutz has been tasked with assuring Elder is sent on his one-way trip to ask St Wigan himself it the dead tourists were necessary. They can all meet up in Hell and think, ‘well this is embarrassing.’  

“For the heathens do not repent,” Wigan had said.  

It is tough to repent when you have just watched your baby being crushed under rocks and know you’re going to be next.  

“Do you have anything to say?” the inmate was asked again.  

Elder could barely breathe. Buzzkill embraced him so tightly.  

“Praise Wigan!” he gasped.  

Praise him indeed.  

The knowing grin of Kutz spread into an actual smile.  

“Faithful to the end,” he said. “I suppose that is somewhat admirable.”  

The first switch was pulled. 


It began as a gentle tremor as Elder’s past caught up with him.  

The second switch was pulled  

Buzz. Buzzzzzzz.  

Elder shook a little harder. He was locked in the present. He was locked in Buzzkill’s layer.  

Buzz. Buzz. Buzzzzzzz. 

The future lit up as the third switch was pulled. The future for Elder was one of eternal torment which is ironic considering the all knowing Wigan had him believe that was what he was saving himself from. I’m sure he can take that up with the manager when the ferryman ushers him to his final destination.  

Buzzkill gnashed and Elder shuddered violently in his jaws. The lights flickered. The Wigan girl had interrupted her prayer to observe.  

“No need for alarm,” he said in a way that was pleasant but not all reassuring. “That’s to be expected.”  

“Gentlemen, for your crimes you are now in servitude to The Boss.”

Available on Kindle April 15th 2022

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Sentence has been passed

Gather around for a tale of men on society’s ultimate time out. They call this prison The Boss because the inmates are in servitude to the great granite mistress.

Lock them. The judge has thrown whatever book at them they deserve.

Sentence has been passed. Dates have been set. You are not leaving these gates without Her say so.


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Hitting the Big Time – Extract from The Boss

Lucca Markov didn’t visit Bournton often. The cold, unforgiving land north of the city didn’t hold much appeal for him. The smelly farmlands and uncivilised people who drank beer and belched weren’t his particular cup of tea. The last time Lucca had been there had been on a visit to the Perry Wildlife reserve. His companion at the time had been quite the nature enthusiast. They trekked through mud, snapped photos of rarely spotted birds and discussed the various trees. For Lucca it was more of a lecture. He didn’t know trees at all and had very little opinion on the subject. Still, he did his best to enjoy the day but when the rain started he became downright miserable. One thing that he did note though was the people of Bournton loved to tell stories. When they stopped for some pub grub at the Bournton Arms the regulars were gathered around like a great big family swapping stories of the area and the hard work they put into the lands. They mostly spoke of The Boss that overlooked all of them. When The Boss was the subject of conversation the tones became hushed. A lot of them had never seen the inside of it despite having lived in the area their whole lives (they would proudly state). They didn’t care to see the inside either way.  

At the time Lucca had thought to himself, ‘why would you be stupid enough to go to prison?’ We ain’t all that lucky, are we Lucca? 

As the prison van trundled up the hill towards the great castle fort, Lucca was focused on his breathing.  

In through the nose and out through the mouth. Count, two, three. Count, two, three. At least this steadied his heartbeat. There was another man in the van with him so he wasn’t completely on his own in the darkness. They had the whole van to themselves but the guards had cuffed them side by side. The man was staring straight ahead. He was so close to him he could feel him shiver. He was only wearing a light jacket and the northern chill was setting in so he could have been cold. Lucca suspected it was more than that though.  

In through the nostrils. Out through the lips. Count, two, three. Count, two, three. 

“Will you stop breathing so fucking loudly!” the fellow prisoner barked impatiently.  

Who can blame him for being a little nervous? There were no windows on the van so there was no telling where they were on their journey. They couldn’t see how close the prison was. That was if in fact they were being taken to prison. There have been rumours of certain people of particularly foul character being sentenced at the High Court of Coldford, sent on their way but never actually arriving. For all intents and purposes, they just disappeared.  

I guess Lucca’s trembling van mate knew this and was putting a lot of stock in those rumours. Either that or he knew just what The Boss had in store for him. So what are you in for Mr Trembler? Murder? Rape?  

The van mate wasn’t in much of a talkative mood. He just wanted to sit in silence until the van shuddered to a stop. That was a bad idea. It’s a dangerous thing for a person to be left to their own thoughts, especially when they were about to be enslaved. Thoughts can be fraught with all kinds of problems. It can be treacherous to be reminded just how fucked you really are.  

Lucca managed the silence. It wasn’t easy but he managed. When the van did come to a halt he gave a great sigh. The trembling van mate began to bump his head against the wall behind him. They could hear the doors slam as the transporting officers climbed from the cabin. The trembler hit his head harder and faster. 

Lucca was just about to tell him he was going to hurt himself when … 


The van door was pulled open. They had missed the delightful journey up the hill towards the castle. They missed that breath taking view. Maybe they can appreciate it when The Boss decides to release them. If She does …  


The man slammed his head against the van wall again. This time he gave a wail. There was blood. He had cracked the parietal bone on the posterior of his skull. He was crying. I did warn it was messy to leave a condemned man to his own thoughts.  

“Get him out,” the senior officer ordered with little sympathy.  

The trembling van mate was positively convulsing by now. Guards ushered him from the van. They were already in the castle grounds from what Lucca could see. Through the open doors he caught glimpse of his home for the next five years – at least. No parole, no understanding, no hope. The blood stain where the man had smashed his head was left untouched. It would do good for other prisoners to see what happens when you think too much.  

Lucca watched the man stumble a little in the courtyard they had been brought to. He looked dizzy, possibly concussed. He was handed off to other guards and taken inside. Lucca was then removed from the van. The first thing to catch his attention was how quiet it was. For a place that housed thousands of lost souls there was not a peep, only the tapping of guard shoes across the cobbled ground. The guards on the gun towers were as still as statues. If it weren’t for one of them craning their neck to look out they could have been assumed to be mannequins.  

The eery tranquility of the court yard was completely contrasted by the chaos of the processing building. The vans had been coming all morning, delivering new slaves by the looks of it. They were lined up in a never ending queue. That queue moved along fast. Next! Step. Next! Step.  

When it came to Lucca’s turn that was when he met Remar for the first time.  

“I’m the warden here,” he said. “If you don’t give me any trouble I don’t give any to you. Really piss me off and you don’t see the light of day. Observe meal times, keep clean, don’t fight and no wise ass comments, cursing or disrespect to our librarian. Your number is 0902. For your crimes you are now in servitude to The Boss. Next!” 

Lucca was offered up to the jaws of a scowling guard named Trevor Gould.  

“Strip,” he ordered.  

Lucca started to peel his clothes off. If there was ever a body shy prisoner it wasn’t our lucky model boy but when he had gotten down to his Brad Shroeder undies he stopped.  

“I said strip,” Gould snapped.  

Lucca acquiesced.  

“Bend over.”  

Lucca frowned. “Is that really necessary?” he asked. 

“Cavity search,” said Gould. “It’s very necessary. Just pretend you’re at the doc getting the old prostate tickled.”  

Got to be thorough when you’re dealing with degenerates.  

“Shave him,” said Gould to one of the other guards who was assisting him.  

Lucca was sat in a chair.  

“I don’t want my head shaved,” he protested.  

Gould laughed heartily.  

“Would you listen to this one?” He said to his fellow guard. “I don’t give a fuck what you want, sunshine,” he said. “Shave him.” 

“No disrespect to the librarian …” he could hear Remar tell the next fresh new inmate.  

After Lucca was shaved, very thoroughly, delousing powder was thrown onto him. Then he was dressed in a standard issue kit. Across his back read the words ‘Property of The Boss.’  

Gould grabbed his arm and hissed, “you’re in The Boss now so step fucking lightly.” 

He looked into a greasy, filthy mirror that hung on the wall. The shaved head made his nose seem longer. It made his entire face look like that of a stranger as a matter of fact. Losing control of his appearance wasn’t suiting our model boy. Strike a pose there Lucca. Give us some prisoner chic. 

In through the nostrils. Out through the lips. Count, two, three. Count, two, three. 

We claim individuality in what we wear, how we style, make up, no make up, cosmetic procedures. None of this mattered. 0902 was now but a number.  

Lucca pulled the hood of his prison issue hoody over his freshly barbered head. His full lips tightened. 

“He’s in North Unit,” he overheard Gould being instructed by Dante. At that he was chained and led deeper into the belly of the great stone beast.  

“Hands on your head,” Gould ordered him.  

As he was led along the gangway to his cell he could hear other inmates call at him. They were screaming and wolf whistling. If promises were to be kept Lucca was going to be a lucky boy indeed. 

“You’re going to be popular around here,” Gould commented.  

You are a shoe in for winning the popularity contest behind these bars, Lucca. Got to be careful what you wish for though. This isn’t really the place you want to be that sought after.  


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Death Stare

They called it his death stare. His eyes would become completely absent of any emotion. The inmates knew there was no room for messing with the warden.

They nicknamed him Cerberus because when he barked, “get behind the lines!” even the toughest prisoner would scramble.

When you are an inmate of Coldford Correctional you are under the care of Warden, Remar – codename: Cerberus.

Coming 2022

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Inmate 1204: Wayne Grundy

“I didn’t do it. It wasn’t me!”

Name: Wayne Grundy

Occupation: Bamber Bear mascot

Charges: Multiple murder (mostly children under twelve)

Sentence: Life

Wayne Grundy is a burly man with a natural strength about him. He has a naivety about him too that some see as a child like innocence. Others see it as simpleton stupidity. Then there are those who see it as frustrating psychopathy. And why wouldn’t they? They call him the Bamber Bear killer and he is caged in Coldford Correctional for the massacre that happened at the restaurant for little tykes. He maintains that he is innocent. Is anyone really innocent behind the walls of The Boss?

Raised by his father, Lenny, Wayne was bullied badly growing up. He was kicked around his whole life and some feel he just snapped. He played the role of cartoon favourite, Bamber Bear, at the restaurant for years. Perhaps it just finally got to him.

Wayne learned to escape into the imagination from his dad. Lenny was a delightfully delusional man who taught him to escape on fantastical flying machines made out of blankets and sofas. There’s not a flying machine that will get him out of his current predicament. Not even a heavily armed army helicopter would dare fly over the prison without permission.

Physically large and strong Wayne can take the beating. He is a bear after all but even the mighty bear has been made to dance in chains. If he is innocent he is in the wrong place. If he wants to prove it he’s running out of time.

They say he’s the Bamber Bear killer but anyone who knows Wayne Grundy would say he didn’t have it in him. Maybe he snapped. Maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Coming April 2022

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Inmate 1708: Matthew Lane

“I loved my wife but a decision had to be made.”

Name: Matthew Lane

Occupation: Exchange worker/ poet

Charges: Murder

Sentence: Ten years

Matthew (you can call him Matty) is a mild mannered man with the spirit of a poet. He hails from an artistic family. His cousin, Harper, owns the Dalway Lane gallery in City Main and his younger cousin Moony is a junior cartoonist for Roby Studios. Having lost his mother at a young age he was raised by his Aunt Gladys. Originally from the country of Subala the Lane family settled into Coldford and thrived for generations. When Matty meet his wife, Wanda, and she gave birth to their son Walter, it seemed like the perfect life.

After the birth of Walter, Wanda became absorbed in post natal depression. With a stubborn pride she feared being seen as a terrible mother so she shied from what little help there was available to her. When she fell to severe depressive episodes Matty was at a loss to be able to help her. He supported her as best he could but it appeared to be a battle he could not win.

Tragedy struck (and was somewhat prevented) when Wanda tried to kill their infant child in a murder suicide. She saw no way forward. Matty in turn shot his wife dead in order to save little Walter. It didn’t matter his intentions, a grisly murder was still committed and he was given ten years at the behest of The Boss.

Quiet, polite and agreeable Matty never poses any trouble for the guards of Coldford Correctional. He is pleasant to the other inmates and he is always where he needs to be and when. Not that he has much choice in that matter.

A decade behind bars is a long time but he knows his son is safe in the hands of his Aunt Gladys. In the meantime it is up to his legal representative, the well known and respected Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Owen, to appeal to the Office of Law Makers on his behalf in the hopes his sentence can be reduced due to the circumstances.

In a desperate attempt to save the life of his child, Matty Lane wielded a gun. Now his wife is dead and he has been imprisoned in Coldford Correctional for ten years … At least.

Coming April 2022

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Inmate 0902: Lucca Markov

“Just remember to breathe. In through the nose. Out through the mouth. Count, 2, 3. Count, 2, 3.”

Name: Lucca Markov

Occupation: Model

Charges: Grievous Bodily Harm

Sentence: Five years,

They call him ‘Lucky Lucca’ and he’s been in all the big magazines. His profile for ‘Eloquence Magazine’ received millions of views. He was much sought after. His public persona was played to marvellous effect. He had it all. That was until his modelling career came to an abrupt halt when media mogul Kathleen Gray discovered he had taken part in some adult films. Suddenly, life didn’t seem so pretty.

Lucca was used to putting on a pretty face for the public. But when there is such close scrutiny on your every move it’s difficult to keep up appearances. Lucca hit rock bottom. His fans called him an attention whore until eventually he made one final public appearance that resulted in a man having his member bitten off. There came the GBH charges Lucca finds himself caged for. He was Mr Popular. Behind the walls of The Boss isn’t really the place you want to find yourself that sought after.

Lucca could put on a show for the cameras but underneath there is far more to him than meets the eye. He is kind natured really, albeit a little vain. He was seven years old when his dad gave him over to talent agents. He was brought alone from his home country of Levinkrantz and he would be the first to say it was the best stroke of luck he had ever had. He wouldn’t have thrown all that away for nothing. Attention whore? Maybe it would do well to look at what really went on. He had a good life. Someone set out to ruin it.

‘Lucky’ Lucca Markov had it all. He was young, attractive and had the world at his feet. When that sweet lifestyle started to fall apart he tried to do everything he could to hold it together. Now he finds himself an inmate of The Boss.

Coming April 2022

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Inmate 2011: Jake Fullerton

“Well that’s that then, innit?”

Name: Jake Fullerton

Occupation: Construction CEO

Charges: Aggravated Assault

Sentence: Two years.

Jake is the head of the Fullerton Family who in Coldford City are the first in construction. They are responsible for building the Shady City into the modern beauty it is today. ‘Building Bridges’ is their motto and their most notable addition to the landscape is the great Fullerton Bridge which connects the city to the borough of Cardyne via the Fullerton home town of Filton. Construction in any city is tough but in Coldford you need real nerves of iron.

Like the rest of his family Jake has a steely determination. He is generally a kind hearted man who just wants what’s best for his family, especially his daughter Lucy. However, he does have a temper and nothing flares that temper more than when his family are attacked.

An incident on one of his building sites led Jake to lose that temper of his. His victim landed in hospital and he landed himself behind the bars of Coldford Correctional, better known as The boss.

Charged with aggravated assault jake has two years to serve (at least) so he had best knuckle under and keep that temper in check if he ever wants to leave again. However, The Boss has Her way of aggravating her inmates. Keep your hands to yourself there 2011 and stay behind your bars.

Jake Fullerton builds bridges. His daughter, his sister and his family legacy will all be lost if he doesn’t act. Where inside prison will he find materials to build a bridge that big though?  

Coming April 2022

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