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Inmate 415. Name, Campbell. First name, Tracey,” announced the large burly officer with a pride that might have suggested he had apprehended her himself.

The professor looked over the thick, black rim of his spectacles. “Tell me a little about her. In your own words,” he requested as he poised a pen over paper preparing to take notes.

The burly officer knew this particular prisoner well. He had studied her as part of his training.

She’s been in the Monte Fort prison for ten years now. Several of her anatomy classmates had went missing. Her student card was found at the scene of one of the crimes. When she was apprehended she admitted to five more murders. It seems she felt she could improve her chances of getting a better grade in class if she were to take out those who above her.

The professor had been writing vigorously. He stopped for a moment and looked up.

In your experience of speaking with her, does she show any remorse?” he directed this question at the burly officer’s partner.

The petite, blonde haired, female officer offered a quick glance at her partner before answering the professor.

It’s difficult to tell,” she said. “Miss Campbell can be very charming. She has made no secret of what she is capable of. She said that all she ever wanted was to become a doctor. Since there is no chance of that ever happening now she has turned her attention to writing which was another passion. She is taking her frustrations out in fiction now. I’ve read some of her notes. She’s actually quite good…” The blonde officer’s words trailed off at the end when she felt the stern gaze of her partner burn on the side of her face.

From what I have read of her it seems to be a clear case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I can’t confirm this until I have examined her myself.”

The officers looked at each other. They shared a similarly nervous expression.

She is up for parole in a few days time. We were hoping you could give us your opinion as to whether or not it is safe to let her go.

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So this is the week! It’s finally here!

I am so excited for Thursday and the release of My Silly Little Confessions.

With every book I finish it reminds of everyone who ever said, ‘You shouldn’t write’ ‘You could never become an author’. It is a relentless pursuit but a dream that is most definitely worth pursuing. It’s been over three years now since my first book was published and it has been the most incredible three years of my life.

I would like to say to all of my fellow authors out there who are still at the aspiring stage – GO FOR IT! Like a lot of careers in the media/arts it isn’t an easy one to get started in and it isn’t any easier to maintain but only you can decide on your limits. Your story deserves to be told just as much any other and I for one love to see the new and exciting plots heading my way from other readers.

No one can predict what the career will hold but that is the beauty of it. It is different for everyone. It is a way of life. It is in your blood. Shout your story from the rooftops because nothing could be sadder than a story that was never told.

Speaking of which, this particular new book of mine is available to pre order on kindle and paperbacks will be on the shelves on or shortly after the 12th. They are available via amazon, barnes and noble book stores, selected independent book stores and via

I would also like to offer a gentle reminder that proceeds from My Silly Little Confessions will support the Ragdolls UK foundation who aid children and young adults suffering from genetic disorders. For more information on the projects visit

Finally, a huge thank you to writers who have encouraged me, readers who have chosen me and social media friends from all round the world who inspire me on a daily basis.

Click HERE to pre order your kindle download! Available 12th January 2017


Its the final stretch. Soon the full completed manuscripts for My Silly Little Confessions will be under the scrutiny of my editor, Emma, for the very first time. Before the final book is released onto the shelves of Barnes and Noble, Amazon and selected other book stores it will be torn apart, changed, battered and beaten until it is agreed that it is as good as it is ever going to get.

What concerns me most in this part of the process is that it is past the point of no return. Every author has their own system and each publishing house has their own methods but for me and my own making major plot changes are long gone. The story will now unfold as I have written it. Sure there will be changes to some dialogue, grammar correction and all the little window dressings that will make the book the finished product but for all intents and purposes there will can’t be any more major changes to the overall plot. YIKES!

That being said its also a very exciting time in the creative process. The emotions that I’m feeling right now are akin to a parent preparing to send their child off to college. I am aware of how dramatic that might sound but I believe there is only one way to approach a book and that is with your whole heart and that means they are treated like my children.

There is still a long road to go from now until January 12th but the major bulk of the task is done.

For those of you who haven’t read the short story ‘Confessions of an Anatomist’ in the ‘Myths and Tales’ Volume 1 collection I am very much looking forward to you meeting Tracey Campbell. For those of you who have read the short and are already familiar with her – you haven’t seen anything yet!

Available January 12th. Preorders Available 20th November.


Click HERE to read the short story that started it all. Confessions of an Anatomist – Part of the Myths and Tales collection.


My Author On the Go

Joanna Kipling, best selling author of the Fantastical Freedom series, relished being the lime light. She loved being stopped on the street and begged for her signature. She couldn’t understand the glitzy movie types who got angry at being approached by their adoring fans.

What was life without a little lime light to stand under? That was her motto. That was of course until she had a stark raving lunatic murderer after her. She must have missed the memo that would have told her that stealing the idea of an up and coming writer would be enough to turn anyone into a stark raving, lunatic murderer. I know she most definitely missed the memo that would have told her that a girl who was willing to off most of her classmates in order to put herself on the honours board wouldn’t think twice about an author who not only offered her help when she had no intention of doing so but also thrived on the genius ideas of others.

Be that as it may, Joanna must have been faster on the uptake than I gave her credit for. She had commitments to honour, signings, appearances and the likes but she knocked it all on the head and decided to get out of town quickly. She had family in the coastal village of Millefort. She hadn’t spoken to them ever since her first publishing deal. She hadn’t mentioned them to any press or even to any friends. Nancy, who took pride in knowing everything about her author didn’t even know about them.

They were two elderly aunts on her mother’s side. They sent her a Christmas card every year, wishing her success but she didn’t return to them. She was far too busy and far too successful to feel bad about it. Her plan was to turn up unannounced on her the doorstep of the two old women and beg for sanctuary. She grabbed copies of her books. She had to dig through the bag of mail she had stored away under the stairs to check she had their names properly.

‘To Ethel, from your niece Joanna,’ she scribbled on the first. She checked the other one. ‘To Maureen, best wishes, your niece Joanna.’ The books would serves as payment for boarding her for a few days. No one would know where she was. No one would be able to get to her.

The hour was late and she knew her land lord’s agency would be closed. She called and left a message to tell them that she was called out of town for a few months at short notice and was leaving her house vacant. She then called Nancy.

Nancy speaking,” came the gruff voice of the agent. Joanna should have known Nancy would have been working late. She always did because she couldn’t stand the company of her husband.

It’s Jo,” Joanna looked at her watch. She wanted to leave her car behind too so everything would seen in place. She couldn’t risk her bright yellow sports vehicle being followed. She had thirty minutes to reach the train station that would take her fifteen by her reckoning.

What is it Jo?” Nancy prompted after a few moments silence. “I’m busy here.”

I’m going to stay with family for a little while. I don’t think it’s safe for me here and the police won’t do anything about it.”

She heard Nancy groan with impatience. “You know, I always thought actors were drama queen’s but you are outdoing the lot of them.”

That could have been Nancy’s attempt at joke. Her tone was always one of impatience so it was difficult to tell.

I’ll be in touch. Cancel all my appearances for the next couple of months.”

What family are you going to?” asked the agent.

Joanna closed the call without answering. Rain was beginning to lash against the window. She pulled on a heavy coat that hung on the peg by the door since the summer. She clasped a small suitcase on wheels that carried as many of her belongings as she could manage.

The rain and cold slashed at her face. The door click locked behind her as she pulled it closed. She bid farewell to her home, not knowing how long it would be before she returned.

She dragged her suitcase into the night, pleased with herself that she was making an escape. Unbeknownst to her, someone was waiting in the dark. As she trudged towards the train station, they followed her.

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Call it writer’s fatigue, call it brain melt. This week I have been circling around the ending to My Silly Little Confessions but to no avail.

Take a step back,” some suggested.

This is very sound advice but when you are already running over your time for rewrites it tends to make this little author nervous.

It’s not all gloom and doom though. I received a huge shot of motivation in the form of an exciting new piece of cover art. Nothing is more thrilling for an author than seeing their writing come to life in the form of images and what an image it is!

Simple, yet effective like most of the cover art that has been supplied to my books from the talent at Torrance Media. I was like a kid at Christmas when I opened my email to find a new one in my inbox titled, ‘NEW COVER ART’. Opening up and downloading the image was akin to ripping off the shining wrapping paper. With the new image in hand (and screen saver changed) it was time to get back to it.

Every author has their own methods. You can teach someone the basics of how to write a book but finding their own system. Creativity is fluid in nature and it can fill containers of all different shapes and sizes. I myself prefer to write late at night when my little household is asleep. It’s my chance to concentrate with less chance of being disturbed by a ringing telephone or the arrival of new emails. Dark, silent and with only the glow of the computer screen to guide me I immerse myself in the story. A quiet little cafe works equally as well. It has been the natural habitat of an author for decades.

So there are two months to go! I am nervous and excited in equal measure for My Silly Little Confessions to hit the shelves.

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The second test had seen me to a D. Even at this point I still hadn’t intended on causing more bloodshed. However, the two girls above me – Gilbert and Daniff – had been laughing so loudly at the prospect of their B’s that I was left with no choice. It was their fault really. I remembered how easy it had been to study with Johnson as a fresh specimen and a little part of me still niggled because of how quickly his disappearance had caused me to climb the ranks. With another two out of the way I may reach an A sooner than I had anticipated.

It all happened so quickly I can’t fully remember the details but I had invited Gilbert and Daniff to form a little study group. They had been hesitant at first clearly having better things to do with their time but they finally relented. I was waiting at the lab long after classes had ended. Gilbert and Daniff arrived. Gilbert was carrying a large folder of notes in her arms. Several coloured stickers popped out from the top swaying in the breeze like they were calling for help. We were studying the human eye by this point so Daniff sat herself at a table and pulled out a large chart of the eye clearly displaying its vessels and nerves. The image was colourful and well illustrated but it looked nothing like the real thing. I lifted a sharp scalpel and hovered behind Daniff. I could tell I was making her uncomfortable because her shoulders quivered. As quickly as I could manage I made a simple cut to her jugular and she fell forward. This was a great deal bloodier than it had been with Johnson. Gilbert screamed. She ran towards the doors. I chased after her not really thinking about what I was going to do next. Blood still dripped from the scalpel – I would have to clean that later. Gilbert struggled with the door. As I got closer she gave up and turned to try and fight me off. She cut her hands in the process. I plunged the scalpel into her throat finally subduing her before I cut her jugular to ensure she was actually dead.

With four eyeballs on display each fresh and with the vessels in tact I had everything I needed to get my B in the next test. The remains joined Johnson in the river.


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The follow up novel MY SILLY LITTLE CONFESSIONS will be available soon!

mslc blurb announcement

Chapters written: 1 -13

Body Count: 9

Well that really got out of hand!

As I make my way through the middle chapters of ‘My Silly Little Confessions’ it occurs to me that the main character, Tracey Campbell, isn’t the real antagonist. She is my main narrator and despite the despicable crimes she has committed she isn’t what one might traditionally describe as the villain – at least not the main one.

The real villains in this book are bullies, those who would step on others to improve themselves and those so wrapped up in their own prejudices they fail to treat others with respect.

The main problem with writing ‘My Silly Little Confessions’ and the short story that spawned it, ‘Confessions of an Anatomist’ was that the main character had to hold the attention of the reader in a way that was entertaining as well as still holding their sympathy for her.

Because I don’t want the reader to stop following Tracey’s pursuits her victims have to be carefully chosen. Tracey still has to be likable even though she is racking up a body count. Therefore, her victims have to be so detestable they eclipse her murderous nature.

The full first draft should be complete by November. Then it will go through the editing process. It will be battered, bruised and shaken up to make it the best little book it can be in time for its January release.

The short story ‘Confessions of an Anatomist’ is available now as part of the Myths and Tales collection. Click HERE to read.


mslc blurb announcement