Fine Dining: The Delphine Restaurant

Location: Filton Main Street, Filton


Owned and operated by famed chef Bastian Delphine, the Delphine restaurant is one of the hottest spots for fine dining in Coldford City. Located in Filton, home of the infamous Beckingridge family, the Delphine is a regular haunt for the billionaires of Beckingridge manor.

Trained in the country of Luen, with all the charm of his Jolian mother, Bastian is a well liked chef for whom the dining experience of his guests is top priority.

George Beckingridge, the financial firm heir, is often found at the Delphine, quoting he’s worried his aunt Elizabeth would poison him if he ate at home. This wouldn’t have been the first time.

Like many places in the Shady City the Delphine is not without it’s history of trouble. The Fullerton family have been banned from the facility after construction boss, Jake Fullerton and his ex wife entered into an argument. There was also talk of members of the cult Church of St Wigan attempting to spike the food with hallucinogenic heether mushrooms from the island.

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