Character Profile – Rodney Weir

“This is my hotel!”

Name: Rodney Weir

Occupation: Owner of the Weir Hotel chain


Weir Hotel: Shady City Suites

The Weir hotel chain has been a feature of Coldford City for generations. As the current head of said chain, Rodney takes that status very seriously. His hotel is important to him. In order to maintain it he needs to ingratiate himself with the right people. This is something Rodney considers himself quite adept at doing. Being lower on the food chain than the likes of the Penn, Beckingridge or Owen families, he has to be adaptable. He knows all the right people. He knows all the right egos to massage. The trouble with that is, when those giant egos that clash, it is the kiss ups like Rodney who become cannon fodder.

Rodney pledged Kappa So in his younger days. His fraternity gives him some backing, helping his hotel to thrive. He’s not much of a frat boy himself but he is known to bring out the jacket, shake the hands of his brothers for life and yell, ‘Kappa So!’ Whenever the situation warrants it.

Rodney’s only son, Daniel, had been the next in line to inherit the hotel chain. The trouble was Daniel didn’t want it. He much preferred a simpler life of a photographer. When Daniel also came out to his father, Rodney wasn’t sure he knew his son at all. His brother, Eddie, scolded Rodney for the treatment of his son. He reminded him that Daniel was a son any father should be proud of no matter what. Rodney would much rather take pride in his hotel. Maybe he would manage to raise the Weir name further up that food chain.

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