Now what?

Looking back on 2022 there seems to be a collective agreement that it was a real bastard of a year. Pardon my language but sometimes there aren’t any polite words to adequately describe it.

There were a lot of changes. In the UK there was a change in monarch for the first time in decades. Many people here, myself included, can’t remember any other king or queen. Whether you’re a royalist or not it is a part of history. War broke in Ukraine, COVID continued to ravage the land and Downing Street became a bit like musical chairs. All the while people were expected to maintain that stiff upper lip as prices for everything soared and people couldn’t heat their homes properly. I’m not going to delve any more into that. I’m sure that there’s nothing I can say that any sensible person hasn’t already considered. My point is, there were challenges. Then it got me thinking that every year has it’s challenges. Some are easier, some are harder but all in all it is what life is.

I would much prefer to think about 2022 from the angle of having faced those challenges. Some of them we are still to bring an end to. However, it shows how resilient we are. Whilst those larger issues plagued us we battled our own demons and we pulled through. We nursed, we adapted and we pushed on. 2023 is now here like a beacon of light. I don’t doubt there will be challenges this year too but we have this. In our hands lies the ability to make this the greatest year yet despite the hardships.

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