Character Profile: Benedict ‘Benny’ Woodson

“It’s a real nice place, like.”

Name: Benedict ‘Benny’ Woodson

Age: Twenties

Occupation: Loyalist employee to the AUCTION HOUSE

Features in: THE BOSS

Benny Woodson grew up in the Rumilaw area of City Main. He is the son of dentist, Iain Woodson. He didn’t have the easiest of childhoods. Once well respected, Iain fell to alcohol and the family practice began to falter. Benny and his elder brother Jamie fell victim to abuse at his hands. Jamie, being protective of Benny mostly took the beatings so his little brother wouldn’t have to.

Like many in the City of Coldford, Benny has his football loyalties. He is an avid supporter of the Main based team Coldford City, owned by the Penn family. He is often found at the home matches cheering on the team with zeal.

With a record of petty theft as he and his brother attempted to escape their abuse Benny found himself under the scrutiny of the Penn family, the so called royals of the area. Pity was taken on them and instead of being punished for their crimes they were given a home among the Loyalists of Auction House.

Fitting to his new family, Benny is unshakabley loyal. When followers of the Church of St Wigan desceneded upon the city, Benny stepped up to help protect those who had become family to him. The assault charges as a result meant a term within the keep of Coldford Correctional aka The Boss.

Benny is an optimistic young man though. The Boss has Her way of crushing hope from the most resliant of men but he maintains hope of serving his time and returning to his life on the outside.

We have murderers and thieves. We are home to the worst of the worst in the Shady City. Can a hopeful young man like Benny survive the Hellish halls of The Boss?

Parts 1 and 2 are available now.

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