For as long as we’ve existed we’ve sought out animal companions whether it was to assist in hunting or to offer a unique friendship and connection. In this modern day I hear a lot of people discuss support animals. Just by having a furry buddy beside us can relieve anxiety. Despite the obvious gap in communication most of us feel an intense bond with our animal counterparts.

For most of my own life I have had a variety of pets. I had a cat named ‘Simba’ when i was a girl that I adored. I had a dog named Ricky who had a memorable personailty and for most of my adult life I’ve kept guinea pigs. The pair I have at the moment, Buddy and Coops, are adorable and never fail to make me smile.

Lately my brother and sister in law adopted a collie pup named Gio for their family. The amount of joy the dog has brought to their house in that short space of time highlights how important the presence of pets can be.

What does your pet bring to your life?

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