Overcoming fear

We all have those little things that make us anxious, right? From a little bit of the old butterflies in the stomach right up to shaking fear. In biology terms it’s called the ‘flight or fight’ response and it’s seen across the entire animal kingdom. Let’s take a moment and consider the human condition. Some people are a little socially anxious. Some people have irrational fears of tomatoes. Some folks live their lives with a constant dread hanging over them. If you’re one of those latter I am truly sorry for that and I hope by reading these words you can find some comfort.

“You have to face your fears.”

Facing your fears is the only way to get over them. This is a platitude we will all be familiar with. It’s no modern advice. I’m not saying it isn’t good advice. Sometimes what it takes is to step up, look that fear in the eye and say, “I’m not going to let you hold me back any longer.”

Some folks need to put themselves out there and trust that our fellow humans are more welcoming than assumed. Some folks need to put a traumatic past behind them. Some folks need to just hold that tomato and know that it’s not going to eat them. Either way facing up to it is key. You might be thinking , that’s easier to say than it is to practice. Fears are fears for a reason, no matter what you’re afraid of.

“I’m not accepting this anymore.”

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether or not you are done with the fear holding you back. It’s up to you to say you no longer accepting it. Take the risk, be bold, don’t hold yourself back because of the anxiety. I know from experience that that anxiety is lying to you. It would have you believe that you are safer being a little bit less of yourself which is never true. It would convince you that what you have to contribute to the world isn’t good enough. This is also a lie.

I’m no expert. I’m no therapist and I have sure faced things in my life that made me afraid. How I see it though is if we open up the discussions on what makes us afraid and really remove the stigma of anxiety we can all stop putting so much pressure on ourselves.

“Let’s remove the stigma of anxiety.”

I am absolutely terrified of clowns for what it’s worth. This wasn’t helped by my older brothers telling me as a youngster that clowns were hiding in my room. Then again Stephen King’s IT is one of my favourites so I’m a complicated creature! Each time I have to speak publicly I’m always at least a little nervous. When I’m waiting on feedback on stories I can be a wreck. We all have our shortcomings but let’s face those fears together. Let’s say we’re no longer going to let them consume them no matter how large or small they are.

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