Your Coldford Survival Guide

We all know Coldford City can be a rough place. Well, they don’t call it the Shady City just because of the gloomy weather. So whilst you visit here are a few rules to follow which can’t guarantee your safety but can at least give you a fighting chance.

If you want to know if someone is a hero or villain ask them if they like Macks whiskey

Mack and Sons Distillery is the prominent feature of the Bellfield area of the city. Owned by Brendan Mack with his sons Paddy, Kieran, Aiden and Aflie it has a strong affiliation with the infamous Knock Knock club.

What is most important about the Mack Distillery is that it provides the city with the finest whiskey. What a shrewd observer will come to realise is that the tipple tends not to be a to the taste of a villainous tongue. More often than not the villains will find the whiskey disgusting. Heroes will parade it as their favourites. That being said it can be a far stretch to describe the Macks themselves as heroes so …

If Coldford Daily runs a story, read between the lines.

Our faithful narrator, Sam Crusow, began his journey as a reporter for the Owen Inc. newspaper. He learned that the truth of the story isn’t what is always most important for the Owen family.

Being such a power house within the city the Owen family use their media outlets to tell the stories how they feel they should be heard. This can mean sometimes twisting the truth and other times flat out making things up.

Julia Harvester is a nice girl.

Julia Harvester is a nice girl.

Don’t believe us? Well the lovely owner of Harvester Farm is about the nicest thing in the city. Don’t step on her toes though!

Stay out the closets at Beckingridge Manor

Beckingridge Manor: home to the Beckingridge family for generations.

The Beckingridge family of Filton have a long history of being eccentric to say the least. The worst of their history came when young George Beckingridge was given to music lessons by famed tutor Vincent Baines. From the moment Vincent stepped inside the manor he could tell something was being hidden. They say the true skeletons lie behind mansion walls and the Beckingridge family have their closets crammed with more than anyone!

When you find yourself cornered yell KAPPA SOOOOOOO!

The frat house has a reputation. It’s chapter leader has the biggest reputation of all them. Needless to say if you yell Kappa So! It means something to the residents of Coldford. It means different things depending on the area but still means something.

Buddy takes a hit of Pussy as he discusses plans with his Kappa So brothers.

You cannot be saved!

That’s what the infamous Church of St Wigan would have you believe. Now that you have managed to navigate the city so far don’t let yourself be swept up in the cult life. You can be saved if you follow the rules.

Coming spring 2021, travelling over to the Hathfield Bay island will bring a whole new set of rules if you hope to survive. Join cult deprogrammer John Reynolds as he seeks to bring someone close to him to their senses.

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