Call the Porter. We’re on the Move.

From the farm to clinic, it’s all the same.

Just get the work done, there is no shame.

winslow 2
Dr Winslow checks on his investment in Harvester farm.



In the depths of Hell it feels but someone has to.

Otherwise what are the others going to do.



Glenn is a hardworking man. Providing for his family is of prime importance.



It’s up to you, so keep your head held high.

Work at Harbour House will never run dry.



The Harvesters Team: Curtis, Julia and Glenn. Three happy Harbour House helpers.

Julia Harvester is a nice girl. She is kind, sweet and used to being posed in all the best positions. She is the perfect artist’s muse. Click HERE to read the full story.


Coming 2020.

Glenn has seen a lot as working on Harvester farm. When the farm is taken over by the eminent Dr Winslow, his job opens up.

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