10 things you (probably) missed in Knock Knock Season 1

The KNOCK KNOCK club has closed its doors on season 1 so let’s take a look back at the story so far. It was a wild ride so here are 10 little details you may have missed. There are spoilers so click HERE to back off and catch up.


In EPISODE 1, SAM’S wife, THERESA, tells him that a woman came looking for him. She left warning that he should tread carefully on the story of the mayor’s disappearance and an invitation to the titular Knock Knock club. Have you figured out who that woman was yet?

Sam and Theresa check the invitation to the hottest spot in the Shady City.

Navigating a reporter to the Knock Knock club and protecting his every step sounds like a job for a Knock Knock girl who is far more than she seems, right?

Undercover agent, Lydia Lowe, has a novel idea of using a reporter to shake things up at the club in preparation for bringing it down.


From the moment Sam enters the dressing room of the Knock Knock Boss Lady, TABITHA, in EPISODE 2 she is wowed by him. Later in EPISODE 5 she finds the reporter sharing a laugh with LYDIA. Already with a resentment against the pretty agent, Tabitha’s grudge is buried deeper when she sees that Sam is made it ease by Lydia and they even share a laugh at her expense. How dare they!

What you may have missed is that despite Tabitha being a villain of the piece there is a childish nature rooted in her character. This is shown when she takes Sam to his room and coos at her own poster. Like a love sick teenager she is hoping her glamorous photo will impress Sam more than the fun loving Lydia ever did. Maybe not Tabs …


Yes you’ve seen that knife before. In EPISODE 7 Tabitha wielded it in what has become ingrained in the audience’s psyche as ‘that scene with the parents’.

The knife was returned to Tabitha  (she’s sentimental that way) because it appears again in EPSIODE 10 when our two reporters, Sam and MADELINE are challenged to a stab off.

Perhaps if lives are on the line nosy reporters would have some idea of what Tabitha is up against.


With a sneaky shot in EPISODE 9 we are first properly introduced to BUDDY OWEN of KAPPA SO in EPISODE 14. He is a little deranged, there’s no denying that, but that blood shot look in his eyes that suggests he’s three sheets from the wind? Well that comes from an addiction to powder as it is known on the streets of the Shady City, cocaine to the rest of us.

Buddy’s cocaine fulled antics are sure to cause trouble in the Shady City.

Not to worry though folks. As an Owen he has fire arms in his blood. Even if he’s snorted every last ounce of powder in the Chapter House, if he aims he will not miss his target. That is guaranteed.

Don’t catch yourself in Buddy’s scope. It will never end well.


In EPISODE 13 the Penn boys didn’t go easy on our DENNIS, did they?

Chloe comforts Dennis after his ordeal.

He begs Chloe to fetch help from a DR WINSLOW. Yes you have heard that name before. Readers of MUSE know him as the most skilled surgeon in the Shady City and current owner occupier of HARVESTER FARM. Frying pan into the fire Dennis?

winslow 2-1
The eminent Dr Winslow and Harvester farm hand Glenn.


In EPISODE 14 we are offered some insight into little Tabitha and her relationship with her lovable AUNT TEE. Nervous at the prospect of standing before the ominous JUDGE DOYLE , Tawny tries to ease the tension by putting on a pair of glasses and jesting with her niece about how it makes her seem like a business woman as apposed to a club owning good time girl.

Tawny tries to comfort a young Tabitha. Her little Trouble has other ideas.

This advice resonated in the mind of Tabitha because in EPISODE 4  when Tabitha removes Sam from the clutches of CPD she is dressed … well … appropriately we suppose …

Business woman or sultry vixen?


Speaking of aunts, did you notice the matching pendants that Tawny and her partner AGNES wear? Yes they match. Dawwwww. These little details seek to remind the audience that the Knock Knock club can be a place of love and not just the seedy cabaret club it first seems.

Tabitha poses with her Aunt Tawny and Aunt Agnes.


In EPISODE 17 a very nervous CEO ERNEST BECKINGRIDGE was brought to the stand to discuss an event that occurred at Beckingridge Tower known as the FREE FALL MASSACRE. Did you know that he is also father of George Beckingridge, the troubled little boy VINCENT BAINES was called upon to give music lessons to in MAESTRO?


The Billionaire Beckingridge family are quite a big deal in Coldford and given Ernest’s witness testimony we doubt we’ve heard the last of him.

Ernest Beckingridge describes a phone call in the middle of the night that alerted him to the Free Fall Massacre.

Also, in the beginning of Maestro, Vincent observes a couple leaving their beautiful mansion home, too focused on their day ahead to bid each other goodbye. That couple was none other than Mr and Mrs Heath.

Mr and Mrs Heath are two HIGH FLIERS from the Beckingridge Firm


She was spoken about a lot in volume 1, prior to her entrance in EPISODE 14. Judge Karyn Doyle has a reputation that not only resonates through the Knock Knock series but in other Shady City Thrillers too.

Judge Karyn Doyle in the office of Law Makers.

When Alice Beckingridge is accused of murder it is Judge Doyle who exonerates her.

When Addict artist, David Finn, falls to the needles again it is his girlfriend Laura who leads him astray. Laura just happens to be the youngest of the Doyle sisters and as a result of her bratty behaviour big sister Karyn cuts her off.

However, it’s not until we see her in the flesh we realise just why the entire city know her and know to fear being brought before her bench – better known as the rack.

She is immovable, unkillable and no matter who tries to stop her, still she stands.

Judge Doyle contemplates the attacks on her.


Speaking of things that get a lot of mention …

Throughout the events of the trial the unique rehabilitation facility located at Chamberlain Docks is mentioned quite a lot. It is where Tawny is recovering from an attack carried out on her beloved club.

Tawny calls from within Harbour House.

However, what also should be noted is that it’s the same clinic David Finn checks into at the end of Muse as well as being where music teacher Vincent Baines is taken after the events of Maestro.

So as the Knock Knock club closes its doors don’t fret. You will always be welcome to recover at Harbour House.

So there you have it folks. We think we’ve covered just about everything. We are glad you came along to the Knock Knock club for some unforgettable moments and some moments that will perhaps scar you for life. (You’re welcome!) We will be back again soon but in the meantime enjoy this little demonstration as to why it still remains the hottest spot in the Shady City.

Complete season 1 of the Knock Knock graphic novel series is free to read HERE.

Or click HERE to download for Kindle.


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