Character Profile: Detective Joel Hickes

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK

Age: 42

Occupation: Detective for COLDFORD POLICE DEPARTMENT

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK

A good man in a viper pit. Detective Hickes always tries to follow the rules but tackling the villainy in the Shady City means that you have no choice but to sink to low levels in order to get the job done. Under the watchful eye of the LAW MAKERS his job is rarely easy.

Detective Hickes and partner watch Sam Crusow closely after the death of someone close brings him in for questioning.

Beginning his career walking the beat in COLDFORD CITY, Hickes became very familiar with what was going on on the city streets. He has seen it at its worst but he has also seen it at it’s very best. He has seen the people come together through financial depressions and much worse. It leaves him with hopes for a brighter future.

Sam Crusow of the Coldford Daily has questions to answer after the death of someone close to him.

The KNOCK KNOCK club is well known. He was just a boy at the academy when the BARONESS first set the club up but he remembers clearly the troubles and the BOSS LADY taking over. He can’t condone what the club has done under the direction of Tabitha but he also can’t condemn her completely. He has after all required her help in more than one sticky situation whilst trying to keep his detective hands clean

Detective Hickes talks to Tabitha of the Knock Knock Club and Sam of the Coldford Daily.

Hickes’ job is just getting started. There’s still much work to be done to clean the mean streets of Coldford. Let’s start with deciding who the true villains really are…

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