Character Profile: Dr G Winslow


Age: 56

Occupation: Surgeon General, CEO Harvesters Meat and Dairy.

The family farm became a city wide brand.

Dr Gregory Winslow is accomplished and well educated. There are many around the Shady City that owe their life to him. He is something of a wizard with transplants and one of his most grateful patients is Jacob Harverster, better known as the old Harvester. Jacob’s daughter, Julia , was so grateful to the doctor for her father’s care he was named one of the leading holders of the farm and with that control Winslow was able to help the Harvester brand grow and thrive.

winslow 2
Winslow keeps a close watch on his investment.

Like many in the shady city Winslow doesn’t do what he does out of the goodness of his heart. He is in the business of saving lives but business is still business. Whilst saving lives can be a great thing the ugly truth is someone has to pay for it somewhere.

Harvester farm spread like a great smothering plant across the city with no one trimming away the rotting parts. The farm hands were worked harder but saw less benefits. Julia found herself in the doctor’s clutches. She couldn’t escape. She didn’t just owe her father’s life, she owed everything and the good doctor was going to make sure he had his dues. He felt a duty to protect Jacob’s livelihood whilst he recovered and so his daughter had her duties to perform too.

Harvester Farm is a vast place with a lot of hidden gems.

Winslow has touched so many lives. From the simple farm girl who he has complete control over to a down on his luck artist. Winslow connects the two and as their stories collide, as artist and muse, a horrifying truth will be revealed as they desperately try to break free.


When Dr Winslow takes control of Harvester Farm he takes the farmer’s daughter too. Just to keep things running smoothly you understand. 

Coming 2020.

Bring me your sick. Bring me your troubled. Bring me those that society can no longer cope with. They will always have a home here at HARBOUR HOUSE.

#amreading @VivikaWidow and I’m ready for rehab, 😏 #harbourhouse2020

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