Character Profile: Marcus Penn

“You are not going to die but you will learn a lesson today.”


Age: Mid twenties

Occupation: Owner of the PENN AUCTION HOUSE.

The Penn Auction House is th seat of power in City Main

Marcus is a no nonsense man who knows just what it takes to get a job done. He is fully acquainted with the darker side of the Shady City. With his strong connections to the KNOCK KNOCK CLUB and his auction house holding control of City Main there are enemies gathering around him.

What is most distinctive about Marcus is that he is of a set of triplets. He and his brothers – SIMON and REGGIE – run the Penn Auction House together. Marcus is seen as the unofficial leader being the eldest by a few minutes.

The Penn triplets have an infamous reputation in the Shady City.

The Penn Auction House had been passed down to them through generations by their father. They proudly hold art work from the likes of DAVID FINN as well as other antiquities that most would find difficult to get a hold of.

Marcus and his brother Reggie show club manager Dennis how serious they are.

Marcus isn’t shy of the dirty work. He is emotionless, iron willed and carries a reputation for a reason. Not many would dare tackle him alone. Even fewer would go against him with his brothers by his side.

Marcus is loyal to the Knock Knock club and often helps with its dirty work.

Marcus is highly intelligent, well read and like his father, REGINALD, a gentleman at heart. He doesn’t have much to offer in the way of words but when he does choose to speak ears had best be pricked because has something important to share. On his good side you will find Marcus a noble protector. On his bad side you will find yourself on the auction block. In Coldford City you had better hope that term is used figuratively.

#amreading a #thriller by @VivikaWidow

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