This Place: David Finn’s Workshop

Featured in: MUSE

As we anticipate the release of MUSE our stop on the Shady City tour this week takes us far north where the city scape starts to change to farm lands. There you will find a set of allotments. Number 605B doesn’t belong to a gardener though. This allotment house sets itself aside from the others because often, loud music can be heard blaring from it as a tortured mind tries to drown out their demons. You will find clay faces watching you from the windows – those that aren’t blacked out of course. Some have figurines hanging in them.

The land around the allotment house is dead and barren.


Allotment house 605B belongs to the artist, David Finn. He uses it as a workshop. It was once the birthing suite for some of the city’s most sought after paintings and sculptures. Now it only offers useless attempts at recapturing the glory days. Most of the recent pieces will end smashed in frustration or burned.

No new life has come from that allotment house recently. Only abortion after abortion as the frustrated artist falls further and further into despair.

It’s a simple wooden structure, quite unimpressive to an untrained eye but inside will once again be a hub of creativity. Breath taking pieces of art came from behind those doors before. Now it is a drug addict’s den.

The little allotment house hasn’t done with it’s story just yet though. When an innocent seeming farm girl knocks on the door it will change everything.

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