The voice, The body, The Murder Weapon

Name: Tabitha McKinney

Age: Exact Age Unknown

Occupation: Performer/Hostess

Club Member: Yes

She just loves to feel the spotlight on her face and she has the talent and charisma to hold audiences captive to her charms. She is a key player in the Knock, Knock club and not just because her aunt was one of the original founders.

Her belief that everyone should follow her no matter what is reminiscent of her over indulged upbringing. Tabitha has little moral compass as well as some sadistic tendencies, especially towards children.

Found alone and lost by Dennis and claiming she wanted to find her aunt, there is very little known about Tabitha’s life before the club other than her family were massacred. She was assumed to be of similar age to Dennis and Sam but it seems she may actually be a great deal younger.

She has a soft spot for Sam and it may be that that leads to her eventual downfall.

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