Character Profile: Sonyo ‘Thundering Horse’ Kolla

Age: 58
Nation: Ojibwi – Chief
Warrior Name: Thundering Horse.
Little is known of Sonyo’s exact origins, although he appears to be of native American decent has was found abandoned as a baby outside a temple Morioka, Japan by a member of the brothers of light. Raised and trained by Master Yamagati, Sonyo mastered his techniques and used them well during many Makri attacks.
It was Sonyo who first established relations between the brotherhood and the Ojibwi giving them much needed protection. Eventually becoming an Ojibwi warrior himself he was hailed a hero by the Brothers of Light. Sonyo went on to use his skills to help Prime Minister Grimsby combat Makri forces during the southern hemisphere war. His various victories eventually saw him become one of the greatest Ojibwi honours, chief of the Americas which saw him take up seats in Washington placing him as an advisor to Tribal matters.
Sonyo believes that one day he will find the light to eternal peace but often wonders which form it will take and fears that it could be born in blood. As a Purple feather meaning wisdom Sonyo is rarely seen to be wrong and combined with his fighting styles of jujitsu, jeet kune Do and judo proves that he can be a very powerful ally or a very deadly enemy.


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