The world is a stage!

The world is a stage they say and there is nowhere quite like the theatre. When you step into that building you know there is a whole world of possibilities ready to unfold before you. The light on that empty state, ready and waiting for its eager audience.


I am so excited to share with you that one of my own tales will be getting the stage play treatment!

THE GIFT first appeared as a short story in the MYTHS AND TALES COLLECTION (2014). It tells the story of an old man named fletcher who accepting his end is near wishes to leave his wealth to a worthy cause so that his legacy of generosity will live on long after he is gone.

As he lives out his final days he meets a struggling author named Nathaniel. Fletcher is touched by Nathaniel’s story and his kind spirit so decides on Nathaniel being the one he would like to support. Fletcher’s family worry that he Nathaniel isn’t all that he seems. We are all equal when we knock on Death’s door. It is up to us what impression we wish to leave behind.

I was overwhelmed by the amazing reception this story received. It means a lot to me that it would speak to so many people. It will be coming to a stage near you in 2018 in support of Ragdolls UK (Reg: SCO43805).

Check back here for announcements and I’ll see you at the theatre!

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Click HERE to read the MYTHS AND TALES collection!

Coming soon as a web series from Torrance Media

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