Character Profile: Sudelka ‘Tiger Grin’ Habaru

Sudelka Habaru
AGE: 17
NATION: Fosgon – full warrior.
WARRIOR NAME – ‘Tiger Grin’

The son of Linciu ‘Blue Raven’, Sudelka garnered a reputation as a young boy during a visit to a zoo when a girl fell into the tiger enclosure. Sudelka leapt into action and faced the tigers without fear. His cold stare held the wild cats at bay long enough for the keepers to react and get them to safety. Thanks to Sudelka the little girl’s life was saved.

However, one good deed serves a darker one. On another occasion when attacked by a group of boys, Sudelka left one dead and the rest severely injured. Protected by his nation Sudelka never answered for his crimes.

He is respected by the Fosgon tribe but also greatly feared. He is the first since the original to wear a red feather – meaning ‘power’. Red feathers are hungry for power, relentless in their pursuit of command and highly volatile.

With Sudelka’s history of deciding life or death for others he has given the Fosgons cause for concern. Under the guidance of Resiu ‘Hunting Bear’ he remains loyal to his chief but there will come a day when he will bid for the ultimate strength.