Character Profiles: Takoda ‘Wind Storm’ Ha’abra

Name: Takoda Ha’abra (Hay bra)

Age: 57

Nation: Kukri

Status: Chief

Warrior Name: Wind Storm

The influential and strong minded chief of the Candadian Kukri nation. Takoda is head of the house of Ha’abra which are one of eight parts of the Kurki. For generations the Kukri nation have followed the leadership of the Ha’abra house but a tension lies underneath that without Takoda’s strong mind could lead to a civil war amongst them.

Takoda wears an orange feather – meaning spiritual. He is a deep thinker and is strongly connected with the world around him. He is no stranger to conflict. He successfully lead the Kukri against the Yugasov group as they tried to expand their power from Russia through Canada.

Takoda is well respected by other warrior nations. He is a peaceful man but should he feel it is necessary for his people he is willing to fight a bloody battle.

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